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Charcoal Briquette Machine

Charcoal briquette machine is the main equipment to make rodlike solid fuel under high pressure and high temperature by using wood, rice husk, peanut husk, plant straw and other materials containing carbon wood (without any additives).
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Charcoal Briquette Machine Introduction
charcoal briquette machine

The charcoal making machine adopts automatic thermostatic device, which can work stably at a set temperature, and has the advantages of reasonable structure and simple operation and maintenance. The solid bar material produced by this machine is easy to ignite after carbonization, with high calorific value (more than 20% higher than the general wood), less pollutants, more convenient to store and transport, and can make full use of the remaining crop material, to turn waste into treasure, and reduce the contradiction of energy shortage of agriculture and forestry.

Performance Characteristics Of The Machine

1. This charcoal making machine has reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, saving labor and electricity.
2. The designed automatic control electric heating device can adjust the dry and humidity of materials randomly, ensure the stability of discharging molding, and improve the working efficiency.
3. The main parts of this product are made of wear-resistant materials that are specially treated, so it can be continuously pressed and durable.
4. Suitable for pressing and molding of various biomass raw materials, with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.
5. The three bearings of the old machine core are changed to four, which increases the stability and durability of the machine.
6. To replace the old oiled lubrication for oil immersion lubrication, as long as there is no shortage of oil, it can be used for many years.
7. Increase the screw pitch, increase the feed amount, and thus greatly improve the output.
8. Improved the structure of the forming tube, reduced the friction between the machine and the raw material, and increased the density of mandrel.
Working Principle Of Charcoal Briquette Machine
charcoal briquette machine
Briquette making machine is the use of sawdust, crop stalks (corn stalk, big haulm, sorghum stalk, cotton, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grasses and shrubs branch, bamboo cutter head, head, bagasse as raw material, after being crushed by sawdust crusher, high temperature and high pressure zone is formed under the action of screw propeller and heating ring to process loose raw materials into hollow rod body.
Advantages Of Charcoal Briquette Machine
1. The raw material selective broader environmental production material of briquette making machine is diverse, and the branches, straw, rice straw, peanut shells, trunk, cotton stalks, tea seed shells, shells, weeds, leaves can be used as raw materials, waste, and the traditional way has been achieved by cutting down trees of raw materials, thus great damage to the ecological environment.
2. Good cleanliness: environmental protection charcoal making machine without a probe, no spark when burning, and ash content is small.
3. High energy: mechanism charcoal calorific value is higher than the traditional method of charcoal height 1000-1500kcal/kg calorific value.
4. Low water content: charcoal making machine production of charcoal after a series of processing is lower than the original.
charcoal briquette machine
The Main Technical Parameters
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(KW) Outline Dimension(m³) Weight(kg)
Type 50 160-200 15 1.5*0.6*1.6 600
Type New-50 250-300 18.5/22 1.6*0.6*1.7 700
Type 70 350-400 18.5 1.85*0.65*1.3 750
Type 80 350-400 18.5 1.85*0.65*1.3 750

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