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Call Center: (+86) 371 69396261 / (+86) 15837176525
Learn how to build your own plant in 1 day! Download
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Company profile
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery Co., Ltd
is a professional fish& animal feed pellet machinery,wood pellet machinery and wood working machinery manufacturer. We have engineer team, production team and sales team to produce machinery and deliver machines all over the world.
Our Product
We are mainly produce and supply floating feed pellet machine, animal feed pellet machine, feed grinding machine, feed mixer, wood debarking machine, wood chippers, hammer mills, pellet mills, pellet coolers, pellet packing machines, conveyors, pellet production lines and pellet machine spare parts.
Fusmar Machinery
Product Application
Our machine could process different feed material into feed pellets. And can process different kind of biomass into pellets, such as: wood log, wood timber, wood residue, wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, straw, corn combs, peanut shell, coconut shell, EFB, sunflower husk, grass, and other agricultural waste or biomass material.
1. Fish Feed Machine
Mainly used for a variety of aquatic products, pet and other pellet feed curing molding process (such as: float and sink of fish feed, frog feed, pellet suckling pig feed).

raw materials
fish feed pellet machine
2. Biomass Pellet Machine
Biomass pellet fuel is a new type of clean fuel that burns directly in biomass boilers. It is a fuel with a certain density and calorific value required, using biomass wood pellet machine to process biomass. Biomass fuel pellets for boilers, furnaces, home heating, powerplants and so on.

biomass pellet machine
3. Feed Pellet Machine
Feed pellet production machinery equipmnet is the ideal choice for small feed pellet plants, livestock, poultry, fish farms and individuals. It can make feed pellet for cattle, sheep, goat, chicken, duck, goose, fish, pig, horse and so on.

feed pellet making machine
feed pellet plant
4. Charcoal Briquette Machine
Charcoal briquette machine is the main equipment to make rodlike solid fuel under high pressure and high temperature by using wood, rice husk, peanut husk, plant straw and other materials containing carbon wood.

charcoal briquette machine
Production Market
We have professional engineer team and sales team to communicate with client, design suitable and economical solution to produce EN and DIN A+ pellets from different kind of raw material. In the passed years we have exported pellet machinery to Europe countries, North America, South America, Africa and Asia countries. Until now the machines are keep working to bring profit to clients as well as Fusmar machinery have got very good reputation from these clients.
Our Factory
Once you got contact with us we can make factory layout for your pellet line, give in time feedback according to your concerns, the production team are full of experiences to build quality machines. We can send commissioning engineer team to install the machines, commissioning the machines and train your labors.