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Carbonization Furnace

The carbonization furnace can be used to carbonize semi-finished that produced through charcoal briquette machine, and can also directly carbonize logs. The following mainly introduces the contents of the airflow carbonization furnace.
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Airflow Carbonization Furnace Introduction
carbonization furnace
The airflow carbonization furnace uses the semi-finished products of the bar in the furnace, and the heat generated by the surface oxidation combustion (flameless) after ignition causes the fuel bar to decompose and carbonize. And then it generates flammable gas, tar, and char in the process of decomposition. The flammable gas is mixed with a small amount of oxygen entering the furnace. And then oxidized to generate more heat, further maintaining the temperature in the furnace to meet the heat required for the decomposition of the fuel bar.
Working Principle Of The Airflow Carbonization Furnace
The airflow carbonization furnace is different from the self-ignition carbonization method. The airflow is designed by using the carbonization furnace system to circulate the combustible gas to the outside of the furnace. Just like our daily rice cooker, the external heating is the same as the internal heating.
carbonization furnace
1. Drying phase. The drying phase starts from the ignition, and the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises slowly to 160 °C. At this time, the moisture contained in the salary bar mainly relies on the external heating amount and the heat generated by the burning of its own fuel bar to evaporate. The chemical composition of the salary bar has hardly changed.
2. The initial stage of carbonization. This stage mainly relies on the combustion of the bar itself to generate heat, so that the temperature of the carbonization furnace rises to 160 ~ 280 °C. At this time, the wood material undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition begins to change. Among them, the unstable composition, such as hemicellulose, decomposes to form carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and a small amount of acetic acid.
3. Comprehensive carbonization stage. The temperature of this stage is 280~400 °C. In this stage, the wood material undergoes thermal decomposition rapidly, and a large number of liquid products such as acetic acid, methanol, and wood tar are formed. In addition, flammable gases such as methane and ethylene are produced, and these combustible gases are burned in a carbonization furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion generate a large amount of heat, which causes the furnace temperature to rise. The wood material is dry distilled to char at high temperatures.
The airflow carbonization furnace has a unique gas storage structure to make full use of the flue gas generated through carbonization. In addition to the use of the furnace itself, to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, the remaining 60% of the flue gas can be used as a heat source for another drying, carbonization and the like. It adopts the hoisting combination structure and utilizes the method of lifting and cooling to carbonize multiple furnaces in one day. Which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves the charcoal production efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for large and medium-sized charcoal producers to produce charcoal briquettes.
Mechanism Charcoal After Carbonization
carbonization furnace
The charcoal after the carbonization is generally a black hollow rod with a calorific value of 7,000 kcal/kg, a density of more than three times that of traditional charcoal, and smokeless smoke, and the ash content is significantly lower than that of coal. Mechanism charcoal is often used for heating, grilling, crucibles, etc. According to the quality and characteristics of charcoal, it can also be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, food, environmental protection, construction, ceramics, animal husbandry, and other fields.  
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional carbonization furnace manufacturer, in order to meet customer’ the requirements. We not only provide a single machine but also provide a complete charcoal briquette production line.
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