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Screw Biomass Briquette Machine

Date: 2021-07-05
Screw biomass briquette machine is a kind of charcoal briquette making machine used to briquette biomass materials with stick shape. As the briquette is usually used to make charcoal, so it also has another common name charcoal briquette machine.   
screw biomass charcoal briquette machine

Requirement For Raw Materials

1. Size: less than 5mm.
2. Moisture: 6-12%; If the moisture is less than 6%, the briquette will with lower strength as the viscosity and the conversion of raw materials is in low level. Besides, if the moisture is more than 12%, the briquette will be soft and always with crackles, also with a low density. 
charcoal briquette making machine

The working process Of Biomass Briquette Machine

The whole charcoal briquette production process is to compress the raw material under high pressure and high temperature. The screw biomass briquette machine uses a large screw to grind, compress and extrude the biomass into briquettes. The self bonding of biomass to form a briquette involves the thermo-plastic flow of the biomass. The natural lignin content in biomass is liberated under high pressure and temperature(200-300°C). Lignin serves as the glue in the charcoal briquette production line process, binds the particles of biomass together, thus binding, compressing the biomass to form into high density briquettes. 
final biomass charcoal briquettes

Usage Of The Final Briquette

The briquette can be used as fuel for burning, and because of the hollow shape as well as the high density, it is an ideal product for making charcoal.
Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine
Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine
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