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Biomass Briquette Plant

Date: 2021-06-07
Due to the increase on cost of conventional fuel(such as coal and natural gas) and the need for new energy resources, more people start to focus on biomass fuel business. Biomass briquette is a renewable, clean, eco-friendly energy, especially for agricultural countries. This charcoal briquette production line can make stick shape wood briquette of different diameter and different shape from biomass and agro-forest waste. 
biomass briquette project

Complete Biomass Briquette Plant

The flow chart of the complete biomass briquette plant
biomass briquette production line
Crushing machines
There are two kinds of crushing machine: one is hammer mill, which is mainly to process small size raw material, such as wood chips, straw, tree branches etc. Another is wood crusher, which is used to process large size raw materials, such as wood logs or tree stems etc. After crushing, the size of raw material will be less than 5*5mm, which can be made into wood briquette directly. 
For raw materials with heavy moisture content that above 12%(for briquetting of biomass), you need to install a drier, this drier reduces the moisture content below 12% before feeding them into biomass briquetting screw press. Material for hot air boiler: wood waste, wood briquette, coal, etc. 
Biomass Briquetting Machine
Briquetting press is in screw type, it produces cylindrical briquettes with a hole through the centre of the cylinder. The briquettes produced by a biomass briquetting machine is easily handled and stacked, and they have some advantages over those produced using the ram and die press. Such as this kind of wood briquette is ideal shape to make charcoal. 
biomass briquetting machine
Carbonization Furnace
The carbonization furnace can be used to carbonize semi-finished that produced through charcoal briquette machine, and can also directly carbonize logs. The following mainly introduces the contents of the airflow carbonization furnace.
Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine
Biomass Wood Briquettes Fuel
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