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Why Choose Sheep Feed Pellet Machine

Date: 2019-08-08
The breeding industry is mainly engaged in raising pigs, raising sheep, raising cattle and raising chickens. Among them, sheep have higher meat prices, less risk, and faster growth and breeding, so they are widely loved by farmers. However, there are more farmers raising sheep, and sheep feed has become a problem for farmers to consider, especially for sheep farmers who are not easy to get pasture. To this end, many sheep farmers choose sheep feed pellet machine to make feed for the flock.
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional animal feed mill manufacturer, this article we will introduce sheep pellet machine in detail.


Why Choose Sheep Feed Pellet Machine

Because the sheep are ruminant animals, the pelleted feed made by the feed pellet machine can benefit the ruminant of the flock and reduce the disease of the digestive tract of the flock. According to statistics, the flocks fed with pellets are about 10 kg more than the sheep that are raised on a large scale, and the time for slaughter will be several months in advance. Therefore, the sheep feed pellet machine is deeply loved by the majority of sheep farmers.
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How To Choose Sheep Feed Pellet Machine

There are too many benefits to sheep pellets. How to choose a sheep feed pellet machine?
1. According to the different yields, choose the sheep feed pellet machine that suits you. Generally speaking, the sheep feed pellet machine divided into a ring die feed pellet machine and a flat die feed pellet machine.
The common ring die feed pellet machine is matched with the grass powder granule unit. Generally applicable to medium and large sheep farms. The feeding method uses forced feeding.
The flat die feed pellet machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized farmers. The feed mode of the flat die feed pellet machine is straight-on and straight-feed, but the yield is relatively low.
2. According to the different feed formulas, choose the sheep feed pellet machine that suits you. Generally speaking, large-scale sheep farms will choose to supplement some concentrates in sheep feed as a supplement. If there is too much concentrated in the formula and the degree of ripening required is large, you can choose to use the ring die feed pellet machine to determine the degree of ripening of the feed by increasing the number of modulators.
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Feed Management In The Lamb Stage

Lambs can feed with open material in about 20 days. Adapting to the fine material intake as early as possible can help the lambs adapt to the trough feeding as soon as possible and transition to the growing sheep stage more quickly.
There are several principles to choose from.
1. Good palatability, easy to eat, the size of the pellets is appropriate.
2. It is conducive to digestion and absorption, the need for nutrient science balance.
3. Containing the most needed nutrients for young animals-whey powder, which can provide a lot of nutrition and energy for the lamb.
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Advantages Of Sheep Feed Pellets

Sheep feed pellets are scientifically formulated according to the concentration of nutrients required for different stages of growth of the sheep. A variety of feed ingredients, including roughage, concentrate and feed additives, are passed through the animal feed pellet production line.
1. Evenly mixed, balanced nutrition, and can effectively avoid picky eaters.
2. Improve the palatability of feed and increase feed intake. Compared with traditional methods of feeding coarse and fine feeds, the pelleted feed can increase the growth of probiotics in sheep, promote the full absorption of nutrients, and improve feed efficiency. It can effectively solve the nutritional supply problem during the period of negative nutrient balance (such as winter).
3. Increase rumen function, effectively prevent digestive tract diseases. Sheep feed can not only ensure the normal ruminating of the sheep but also greatly reduce the energy consumption of the sheep ruminating activities. And effectively control the pH of the rumen between 6.4-6.8, which is beneficial to the activity of rumen microbes and the synthesis of proteins, so as to avoid the occurrence of ruminal acidosis and other related diseases. The practice has proved that using sheep feed for several months can not only reduce the disease of the digestive tract by more than 90% but also improve the immunity of the sheep and reduce the occurrence of epidemic diseases.
4. Increase the growth rate, shorten the outbound period. According to the different nutrients required for each stage of sheep growth, a more precise preparation of a balanced nutrient feed formula will greatly increase the daily increment. Such as goats 10-40 kg, the average daily increment can reach 200 grams, compared with the ordinary self-dosing can shorten the release period of 3 months.
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Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery as a professional animal feed mill manufacturer, in order to meet requirements of the customer, we not only provide a complete set of feed pellet production line but also provide a single machine in the animal feed production.
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