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Floating Fish Feed Pellets For Fish Farming

Date: 2021-01-11
Fusmar Machinery is a Professional Fish Feed Production Line and Fish Feed Machine Manufacturer. Sure, there are min floating fish feed machine and small fish feed production line for farmers. The production output is about 30-40 kg/h, 100-200kg/h, 300-600kg/h. Extruded fish feed is a kind of expanded feed made under high temperature and high pressure. Compared with compress pressed fish feed, the price of fish feed extruder is relatively higher than normal feed pellet press.
floating fish feed pellets for fish farming

Fish Feeds Types

Floating Feed. This type of feed floats on water. These feeds go through the extrusion process during processing, so the purchase and manufacturing costs are higher.
Sinking Feed. This is just the opposite of the former. It will sink directly into the water. They are more economical.
fish feed pellets

Machines For Making Tilapia Fish Feed

Fish feed extruder machine is widely used in making both floating fish feed and sinking feed pellets for aquaculture farms and feed plants. Through the fish feed extruder we can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality fish feed, which may save feed costs.
fish feed pellet machine

What Are The Advantages Of Floating Fish Feed

Many fish experts believe that floating fish feed scores are higher than other forms of feed for a number of reasons.
1. High Nutrition Retention – Floating fish feed stays a float on the water for a long time. When dissolved in water, the feed loses some of its nutritional value. Floating fish feed can save about 20% material loss caused by water, mud and waste. Good quality fish feed floats on the surface for at least 10 hours.
2. Environment-friendly – Floating fish feed is very easy to monitor. Even some leftover feed can be picked and dried. This feed can be used later and also helps keep the water clean. This is very good for fish growth and environmental protection.
3. Easy to Store – Due to high temperature and high pressure expansion, the water content in floating feed (8-9%) is very low. This is why the feed particles are hard and highly stable. Also, because of the low moisture content, it is easier to store.
4. Best for a Young Fish Breed – Floating fish feed is easy to digest because of its loose granular structure. So, if you are dealing with smaller fish, this will be very helpful.
5. Monitoring the fish – Floating fish feed helps monitor appetite, as fish can be seen from the shore of wetlands during feeding. In addition, the health and vitality of the fish can be observed regularly.
fish feed pellets
However, this is not means sink fish food is a 100% bad choice, it also has some advantages, such as:
1. Better for fish who likes to live in bottom level of water.
2. Great for sky or pavid fish that are scared to get close to the surface of water.
3. Terrific for fast-moving stream.
One should keep in mind that the feeding habit of fish species plays a vital role in the selection of the type of fish feed. Nutrition plays the most critical role in profitable fish-farming business.
small fish feed production line
Any questions about to buy floating fish feed machine, please contact us and we will give you more suggestions.
Fish Feed Pellet Mill
fish feed pellets for fish farming
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