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Why Choose Extruded Feed For Aquaculture

Date: 2021-09-28
Fish feed pellet extruder is an ideal feed processing machine for directly pressing the crushed materials like corn, soybean, straw, grass, bean cake, etc. into feed pellets. The final feed pellets are smooth in surface, rich in nutrition and good in taste. The diameter of feed pellets ranges from 2mm to 10mm to satisfy the demands of different aquatic animals. Based on advanced technology and outstanding advantages, the fish feed making machine is widely applied in medium and large sized fish farms, food and feed processing plants. 
fish feed pellet making machine

Applications Of Fish Feed Pellet Extruder 

1. Fish feed production line equipment is widely used for making feed pellets for fish, shrimp, crab, eel, catfish, etc. in medium and large aquaculture plant. It can also make feed pellets for pets, like cat, dog, rabbit, etc.
2. It is ideal for processing the common raw materials, including wheat, corn, barley, fish powder, bone powder, bean cake, and the microelement that the aquatic animals need.
fish feed production equipment

Why Choose Extruded Feed For Aquaculture

1. The temperature rise is moderate during pelletizing, so various micronutrients in the raw materials are well kept in the pellets.
2. Good palatability can decrease feed wastage during the eating process. Since the feed pellets can maintain the uniformity during storage and feeding process, the feeding loss can reduce 8-10%.
3. The feed pellets are fully cooked, and the gelatinization degrees of starch have been increased, so the nutritional value is increased and the nutrition becomes easier to be absorbed.
4. The feed pellets can float on the water for a long time, that can enhance the utilization efficiency and prevent water pollution.
5. The feed pellets are of high bulk density, convenient to transport and store, which can meet the needs of aquatic animals in different growth stages.
Fish Feed Pellet Mill
Fish Feed Production Line
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