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Floating Fish Feed Machine For Making Catfish Feed

Date: 2021-09-23
There are a lot of farmers choose to breed catfish, because it is relatively strong adaptability, and the growth rate is fast and mature is relatively fast, so it means that there is a higher economic benefit, but in the process of breeding catfish must pay attention to the principle of feed selection and feed feeding technology. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed pellet machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce the way of making catfish feed in detail.
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How To Make Catfish Feed

Catfish feed is a floating fish feed, is a feed processing technology. In fact, the puffing of the feed in the extrusion chamber is a high temperature instantaneous process, that is, the feed is in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, high shear force and high moisture. The feed mill equipment price is reasonable by Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery provided.
Raw materials need to be crushed and expanded, and then dried after the expansion pelletization, and finally the surface spray oil waterproof. Then through continuous mixing, conditioning, heating, pressurization, curing, extrusion die hole and sudden pressure reduction to form a leavened porous feed.
Generally, the floating fish feed machine is used for pelletizing. The raw material is extruded and pushed by the screw in the extruder to produce high temperature and high pressure. At the moment of passing through the die hole, the temperature and pressure drop sharply, making the water in the raw material evaporate rapidly, the volume expands, and the specific gravity becomes lighter.
Finally, it is cooled and dried to room temperature and less than 12% moisture. Puffing fish feed can float in water due to its specific gravity.
catfish farming

How To Increase Catfish Capacity

1. Pond selection. The pool bottom should choose less silt, adequate water source, convenient injection and drainage, water quality is good, the pond base is firm and watertight, no pesticide pollution of the pool culture.
2. Reasonable breeding. Just arrived fish fry, weak resistance, and different specifications. If directly put into the big pond breeding, because the fish fry activity range, physical consumption, and the input of feed is difficult to eat, resulting in a waste, but also pollution of water quality. However, if the implementation of two levels of seedlings, that is, the first concentrated in the small pond intensive care, and then put into the big pond breeding. This is not only easy to manage, but also make the fish fry better adapt to the new environment, and easy to get enough food in the small pond, promote its rapid growth.
3. Feeding reasonably. Catfish is omnivorous fish, so correct grasp the amount of food, do the pond how much fish to feed, prevent blind casting bait. In the first month of the lower pond, the feed was mainly concentrated feed, and the protein content in the feed was appropriately high. Floating fish feed machine can control feed ratio manufactured by Fusmar Machinery. The amount of feed was 8 ~ 10% of the total body weight of the fish, so that the fish could eat well. Appropriate conditions to add a small amount of vitamins and minerals, when the fish grown up, food intake increases, the mixed feed protein can be appropriately reduced. 
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Strengthen Feeding Management

Implement round catch and distribution. Because catfish is feral glutinous, when casting bait often big fish first grab food, and small fish can not eat food, resulting in fish size gap is getting bigger and bigger, so before catching catfish should be a round catch and raise, the big fish separate pond raise, make growth reach balance. This is one of the important measures to increase output.
Good control of water quality changes. To control the change of water quality, should be specially equipped with multi-purpose pump to add water and oxygen, especially in summer and autumn high temperature season, water to full pond, night to patrol pond, found pond fish stagnation pond surface, indicating hypoxia, floating head is the premonition, should immediately add new water, adjust water quality, should not regularly use lime or use 1ppm bleach disinfection.
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When feeding catfish should pay more attention of the principle, should choose a reasonable formula design, to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition, only in this way can meet the needs of catfish growth, but also can make them normal growth. The fish feed extruder manufactured by Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery can ensure feed palatability and cost-effective.
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