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How To Make Chicken Feed Pellet For Layers

Date: 2021-09-30
Animal performance and feed efficiency benefit from good quality feed pellets. The better the pellet, the better the performance. Reduced waste, less segregation in the animal feed pellets, improved palatability, and shorter eating periods-all of these feed pellet merits are brought by animal feed machine. Fusmar Machinery is a reliable feed pellet mill manufacturer and supplier, which is offering a wide range of feed making equipment including diesel feed equipment, electric feed machinery.  
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Brief Production Process Of Making Chicken Feed Pellets For Layers

1. Crushing: Crushed raw materials by hammer mill type feed crusher to get fine grinded ingredients.
2. Mixing: All of the ingredients are mixed in a feed pellet mixer for a period of time to get a uniform mix. Then a moist, cohesive mash was obtained at the end of the final mixing.
3. Pelletizing: After mixing, the mash was delivered to the feed pellet machine.
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Raw Materials For Making Chicken Feed For Layers

1. Cereals: maize, barley, oat, wheat, triticale, rye, and sorghum.
2. Seed from oleaginous crops: soy, flax, and sunflower.
3. Seed from legumes: broad beans, field bean, and protein pea.
4. Forage: flours of permitted forage essences.  
5. Dried beet pulp.
animal feed pellets
Furthermore, the following substances can be used as appetizers in feed pellets:
1. Carob-bean, up to a maximum of 3%.
2. Molasses, up to a maximum of 3%.
Note: for animals in lactation, dry animals, pregnancy poultry, the maximum daily amount of feed pellets is 2 kg/head/day.
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Choosing a suitable feed making equipment and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.
The pellet making equipment of Fusmar Machinery sells well in domestic and foreign markets and enjoys a high welcome among consumers. With years of hard work, Zhengzhou Fusmar has established a complete and effective service system and built an experienced service team. We will carry out after-sales tracking service for the feed pellet mill equipment sold.
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Hope this article can help you to know more about making chicken feed for layers. If you want to build your own feed pellet plant, please contact us.
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