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How To Select Feed Ingredients

Date: 2019-08-14
Feed ingredients refer to feeds that are sourced from an animal, plant, microbe or mineral in feed processing. Zhengzhou Fusmar is a professional feed pellet mill manufacturer, this article will introduce scientifically select feed ingredients in detail.

Structure Of The Feed Ingredients

Feed ingredients include grain raw materials, soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acids, chowder, additives, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grains, and other varieties. Observe the shape, color, presence of mold, insects, lumps, foreign bodies, etc. Adulterated feed generally crushed finer, does not show the composition, darker or lighter color. However, often due to higher moisture content, resulting in deliquescence, mold, insects, and blocky. Sometimes mixed with a large amount of sand or a large amount of low-cost feed, such as the amount of shellfish in the batch material reaches 20%. If the above phenomenon is generally inferior feed.
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How To Scientifically Select Feed Ingredients

There are many kinds of raw materials for animal feed pellets, and the source of the feed is different. Different kinds of feed ingredients have different nutritional values. The same feed ingredients have different nutritional values, because of different quality, even the same feed ingredients with the same quality and nutritional value are different. The price is different during the period. According to experience, the price of a certain feed ingredient is often only qualitative and difficult to quantify. According to the price of nutrients, cheap and high-quality feed ingredients can select. Digestible energy and crude protein in the feed are the two most important nutritional indicators, and most of the raw materials also contain these two nutrients. It is a simple and effective method to select raw materials according to the price of feed nutrients. The following points should master when applied.
animal feed pellets
1. When selecting raw materials, you can't just look at the price. It depends on the quality of the raw materials, including the water content, whether it is full and tidy, whether there is mildew or not, and whether the impurities exceed the standard. When purchasing large quantities of raw materials, it is best to take samples for component analysis and nutritional value assessment.
2. Do not “absolutely” or “one-size-fits-all” the raw materials used or replaced. Generally speaking, it is a problem of “multi-use” and “less use”, that is, raw materials with relatively low prices can use more. Raw materials with relatively high prices are used as little as possible. Any kind of feed ingredients has its advantages and disadvantages. Some feed ingredients have a unique role, and some feed ingredients contain toxic substances. For example, if the corn has high energy content, but the crude protein content is low, it must use together with protein feed ingredients. The crude protein content of soybean meal is high, and the energy content is not low. Excessive use causes a waste of protein resources. The bran is loose, despite the energy and crude protein content are not very high, but it has diarrhea and is good for feeding pregnant sows.
3. The selection of certain raw materials should base on the characteristics of its nutrients and the requirements of feeding standards. The certain nutrients should supplement in a targeted manner so that the various nutrients are balanced with each other to achieve full utilization. For example, the crude protein content of peanut cake is relatively high, and the crude protein content of cottonseed cake is not low, but the lysine content of the two raw materials is relatively low, and it is used with soybean meal, bean cake or adding the appropriate amount of lysine. A balance between essential amino acids can achieve.
4. Selecting a certain raw material depends on whether the concentration of the nutrient is compatible with the structural characteristics of the digestive organs of the farmed animal and the feed intake, and determines the general proportion of the nutrient. For example, the digestion energy of 2.5 kilograms of sweet potato powder is equivalent to 1 kilogram of corn, while the crude protein content is more than twice that of corn, and the price is also cheaper. However, if the pig is fed with too much sweet potato powder, the pig is a monogastric animal, and the stomach volume is relatively small. When the sweet potato powder of the same weight as corn is eaten, the nutrient concentration is low, and the nutrients required cannot satisfy. The ingredients affect production performance, so the amount of sweet potato powder can not excessive.
5. After selecting the type of raw material to replace, the formula should recalculate according to the requirements of the nutritional requirements of the farmed animals. If necessary, the feeding amount should appropriately adjust according to different nutrient requirements to ensure sufficient nutrient supply at different production stages.
animal feed pellets

Choosing A Suitable Feed pellet Machine

Choosing a suitable feed pellet machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the animal feed pellets. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of making feed pellets, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.
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