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Setting Up A Poultry Feed Production Plant

Date: 2021-04-28
If you are planning to establish a poultry feed production plant and start your feed processing business, you have to know about the feed market and also have a clear understanding of how to develop a customized business plan for your feed factory, so that to make the best project plan with low investment and low production cost. Here in this page, Fusmar Machinery will guide you step by step.  
poultry feed production plant
Poultry products like egg and meat contribute to a significant percent the food that is on high demand globally. In the meat segment, poultry meat is currently the fastest growing in the world following the need for white meat over the red meat. The need for poultry products means an increase of poultry farming and hence propelling the growth of the poultry feed production industry.
feed pellet for poultry farming

Setting Up A Poultry Feed Production Plant 

The cost of starting a poultry feed production factory is closely related to: Production output, degree of automation, project plan, factory layout design, process flow design, included poultry feed machinery, etc.
Here is some references for you: For establishing a 1 ton/hour small mash feed or pellet feed production line, the cost is about $14000 ~$15000. For establishing a 2-3 ton/h complete poultry feed production plant which can make both mash feed and pelleted feed, the equipment price and construction cost is about $65000. Don't take the reference cost seriously, since all our project plan is customized based on our clients' specific situation and budget. Just tell us your needs and requirements, we believe that we can offer the best solution to satisfy you! 
feed pellet production line

Hot Sale Equipment For Small To Medium Poultry Feed Production

First of all, let's see a mini feed production units for making pelleted poultry feed. The capacity of this unit ranges from 1 ton/h to 2 ton/h. It is a complete feed production line including crushing, mixing, pelletizing and bagging. It is the best choice for self-employees to start their own feed manufacturing business. 
If you are planning to start a commercial medium sized poultry feed mill with production output around 10 ton/h, you can take the following project for reference. It is designed with ring die feed pellet machine and automatic batching system, so that to ensure high efficiency and low production cost. All our projects are designed according to our clients' specific needs and requirements, so just feel free to contact us and get a tailor-made feed processing business plan and exact equipment price and construction cost. 
feed pellet making machine
The poultry feed production industry is growing, and changes are occurring as technology and demands change. More investors and businessmen are joining the market, and the competition is increasing among the significant manufacturer of poultry feed. Increase in competition among the players in this sector bring about new technology and improve the quality of the forage produced. The incumbent’s businessman is also taking available opportunity to expand and bring more innovation in the market to enhance their competitiveness. Since the demand for more poultry is still growing as well, the need for more feed is high, and therefore there is still more areas yet to be exploited in the poultry feed processing industry.
Feed Pellet Mill Plant
Making Animal Feed Pellet From Wheat Straw
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