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Things You Need To Know About Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant

Date: 2019-05-05
1.Introduction Of Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
With the shortage of traditional resources, the bimass pellet is becoming more and more popular in the world,especially in Europe. So more people want to invest in this business, the small mobile wood pellet plant is very suitable to the starters.
The mobile 500kg wood pellet plant is called portable wood pellet production line. It aims to pellet wood waste, agricultural waste and other biomass materials to meet the needs of home heating, farming and small-scale industry.   
High efficiency, space saving, low cost, low energy consumption, flexible workplace, simple operation. The mobile granulator is composed of wood crusher, sawdust dryer, screw elevator, flat mould granulator, granulator cooler and electric control cabinet. These hosts are installed on a basic framework and are easy to move around.
2.The Advantage Of Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant 
2.1 Highest efficiency, low cost and simple operation
2.2 Equipped with integrated control cabinet, the particle production equipment can easily and conveniently control working conditions.
2.3 Since all the machines are installed on a basic framework, it has flexibility and mobility.
2.4. A variety of raw materials, such as agricultural residues, grass and wood residues, can be used.
2.5. In order to ensure the density and quality of wood chips, we equip small wood chips ball mill with a special reducer.
2.6. The noise of mobile sawdust particle equipment is very low, because the speed of particle grinding roller is moderate
Main Machines Of Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
1. Crushing machine: in general, if the raw material is too large, it should be cut first. The ideal size of raw material is 3-5mm. This crusher can be used to crush all kinds of raw materials, such as log, stem, branch, bagasse, peanut shell, sorghum straw, wheat straw, palm shell and so on.
Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
2. Pipeline dryer: raw material moisture content plays an important role in the sawdust particle production line, because it has an impact on particle quality. Therefore, the tubular dryer is based on the function of high efficiency, large capacity, short drying time, suitable for moisture content above 16%, diameter less than 3mm, length less than 5mm raw material. This tubular dryer can be customized to your needs.
Small Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
3. Screw elevator: screw elevator, conveying device, conveying crushed or dried biomass material into particles. Its delivery length can be up to 40 meters.
Screw elevator
4.Pellet mill: flat die sawdust pellet mill plays an irreplaceable role in sawdust pellet production line. It converts biomass materials such as agricultural residues, forest wastes and sawdust into biomass particles. Low failure rate, competitive price, small floor covering and low consumption is characterized by economy and durability.
Pellet mill
5. Pellet cooling machine: out of the small particles machine, grain moisture content is over 16%, high temperature is controlled in 70-85 ℃, so in the case of mildew packaging, storage and transportation is convenient. This wood pellet cooler combines cooling and screening functions. So in the process,
It can screen out wood powder or unqualified particles.
Pellet cooling machine
6. Electric control cabinet: equipped with switch, measuring instrument, protective device and auxiliary equipment, electric control cabinet and integrated device, which provide power for wood chip production line. When damage occurs, the alarm sounds and the power will be turned off. With fault alarm, fault location system, simple operation, widely used in feed, food, chemical, steel, flour, steel and other industries.
Electric control cabinet
The mobile wood pellet device is characterized by high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, portability and simple operation. It is fueled by household and small industry. On the other hand, the particles have a smooth surface, long burning time and high density, and are made of moving sawdust pellets from plants.
We can also provide you with different capacity of professional customized wood pellet production line.Please contact with us.
Fish Feed Pellet Production Line
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