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How To Determine Which Flat Die Pellet Plant Is Best For You

Date: 2021-05-12
A flat die feed pellet plant is a machine that is used to create pellets from powder. This can be anything from wood to fodder. It is important to understand how the plant works and know how to choose the best for your needs. Here is a guide that you will find useful.
flat die feed pellet plant

Working Principle

The main part of the plant or mill is the flat die which is a flat plate that has small holes. These holes are responsible for the making of the compressed material in pellets. The diameter of each hole ranges from 6 to 8mm so you choose the one that is best for you. The other crucial part is the roller which is made of metal alloys making it very strong and non-breakable. There are two or three rollers in one flat die pellets plant.
The working principle of the flat die feed pellet mill machine is based on circular movement. It could be powered by an electric motor, PTO, or gasoline. A belt pulley is powered by this force and rotates driving the axis. With this rotation the flat die is rotated the roller pushes the powder under pressure through the holes which leads to pellet formation. In another type of flat die plant it is the roller that moves while the flat die remains stationary. Either way, there is a cutter that frees the formed pellet from the flat die.
feed pellet plant


The first consideration in determining what flat die pellet plant to get is the production. Whereas if you need heavy duty production you need to get the ring die pellet mill machine, the flat die pellet plant will be ideal for small or middle pellet plant. Consider the capacity of the flat die pellet plant you buy as well. They have different capacities and the more the capacity the higher the price so choose one that can make as many pellets as you need.
pellet mill machine


There are different options for powering up a flat die pellet mill. You can choose one that is powered by electricity, diesel or other options. This will depend on what is convenient for you. So, if you intend to use it in a farm far away from the grid connection you will be able to do so without any problem. Just choose a diesel or gasoline powered flat die pellet plant.
animal feed pellets

 Raw Materials 

Will you be making pellets from wood shavings or feeds? Determine this before you start shopping so you choose the machine that is ideal for the purpose. This is because different mills will press different materials differently. They are optimized for one raw material but never both.
pellet making machinery
There are many brands that make such feed pellet production line and you need to choose a reliable one. Fusmar Machinery as a professional pellet making machinery equipment manufacturer, we not only provide a complete pellet production line but also provide a single machine in each process. With years of experience in production and sales, we offer machines that are welcomed by customers.  
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